Course is open.

We are delighted to announce that from Friday 17th July the clubhouse will re-open.
We ask you to follow all guidelines put in place within and around the clubhouse to ensure the clubhouse is safe for all to enjoy again.

Kevin and Julie have put in a lot of work and have put in place safety measures along with reduced seating to allow social distancing between tables. They also have put extra seating outdoors so hopefully weather will be good to sit outside.
We ask you to be patient and show support in welcoming all their staff back and wish them
All the Best on their return.

The Committee

Enjoy Leisure have reviewed their Risk Assessment following the FM’s announcement on 9 July.
As from 10th July fourballs will be allowed to play.
Again, as of 10 July all customers who enter the Professionals shop at Winterfield MUST wear a face covering. Staff, when behind the sneeze guard, do NOT have to wear a face covering but Must do so when they move from behind the screen

Pro Shop open from 8am to take tee bookings.
Tee bookings will be able to be made 7 days in advance and this will continue until further notice.

Full fee lists are posted on our websites.
The Enjoy Leisure season ticket fee has been rebated pro-rata to account for recent closure.

The new Club Diaries are available for members to collect from the Pro Shop

Please be aware that we are following strict social distancing rules, so please follow all signs.

During this period, Scottish golfing bodies will be following the practices set out in
Golfers should familiarise themselves with this advice and be aware of the measures which will affect their golfing experience.

The Committee

Changes to course layout:
The GUR along both sides of the 7th fairway which was in place to protect the wild flower areas has been removed as there has been no planting or re-seeding of the areas.
These areas are penal, so best advice would be for anyone hitting a shot into either area to play a provisional.
There is a GUR area on the left hand side of the 7th where the spoil from the path was put and this has been identified by blue stakes placed from 7th green all way to back of 9th green.

Hello again Ladies

Golf is back, sorry to say at this time we are not going ahead with the Championship or Wingate.
Competition Golf will be starting on July 5th with the July medal.

The calendar will be followed for the rest of the year with the following amendments
July 19th. – Iona Trophy
August 2nd. – Marlin Bowl
August 16th. – Falconer Rose Bowl
September 5th. – Jean Paylor Trophy
September 26th. – Golden Anniversary Trophy

We hope the rest of the golfing year will be enjoyed by all members.
Good luck and I look forward to you supporting all of the competitions.
Many thanks
Kind regards
Rae Muir
Lady Captain

Dear Members,

I’m sure you are all looking forward to golfing again.
It’s been a long time since we have been able to hit a ball.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to say a huge thanks to the green keepers who have the course in tremendous condition for our return. I cannot remember the course being in such a condition as it is at present.
The rest that the course has had is there for all to see and the huge effort the green staff have put in over the past weeks, along with volunteers watering in the evenings, has greatly benefited us all

In the clubhouse, upgrading is continuing in the hallway and staircase which is all being painted at present.
All the work is done done by members and volunteers, showing what a great club we have. Thanks to all of them.

Enjoy your wonderful course and the weather.
Graeme Turnbull

Dear Members

I am delighted and extremely honoured to take up the position of Club Captain to which I look forward to with great enthusiasm.

We as a committee believe we are in the strongest position we have been in for years with the drive and leadership of our house secretary John Medley, who works tirelessly behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly.

To Kevin and Julie and all their staff who provide us with a first class service of excellent food and beverages, also the Professional staff in the shop who as always have a great attitude and drive along with an excellent array of knowledge and products which all put together to make us the envy of others.
We look forward to working with Craig and his staff of greenkeepers to provide a course to be proud of.

All of the above would not be possible without the backing of past and present committee members who give a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure the club is running as smoothly as possible and I thank everyone in advance for their efforts.

We will strive to carry out more upgrades to the club starting with the mens toilets being totally modernised along with other projects in the future, all of which will be carried out with the minimum disruption to all.

Graeme Turnbull